Sync local folders with Flickr photo sets


  • Fully automated
  • Support for multiple accounts


  • No tagging capabilities


Flickr is undoubtedly a great photo hosting and sharing service, but keeping your Flickr account up to date with all your new pics is still a pain.

FlickrSync can make this task a bit lighter on you by providing you with an automated photo uploading service that synchronizes selected Windows folders on your hard drive with your current Flickr account – actually, the program supports more than one Flickr user.

After the correspondent authorization to use this app with Flickr, you'll have a simple, fast uploading tool that can publish any picture you save in a certain local folder to your Flickr account, with just a single click.

FlickrSync includes some configuration options, with which you can select which set to save images to (or create a new one), choose privacy settings and decide how images should be sorted. On the downside, the program lacks tagging capabilities, which means that if you want to tag your photos, or add a title or description to them, you'll have to do it directly on the Flickr website.

FlickrSync is a simple, fast tool that synchronizes selected Windows folders on your local drive with your Flickr account.




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